The breads at Firebrand Artisan Breads

The Breads at Firebrand Artisan Breads

At Firebrand, it’s all about the bread. That is what they are famous for, and why people flock to dine at Firebrand, or order bread to take home with them. That is why top chefs such as Michael Mina order the bread for their restaurants from Firebrand. When you run a restaurant, everything has to be perfect, and when you run an award winning top restaurant, it’s worth seeking out something special for every detail. Serving Firebrand bread in your restaurant will surely put you a step ahead of the competition.

The perfect meal accompaniment

Firebrand bread goes perfectly with food. That’s why it’s popular with chefs and with the public too. A slice or two of this special bread, just works so well with a meal. But why is this? Well the key is the lightly sour flavor profile. It’s this slightly sour, but not too sour taste that makes it ideal for having alongside your food.

The baking methods used

When the business started out, all the bread was wood-fired in a special oven. While these bread products are really gorgeous, eventually it was noted that there was a demand for other types of baked products too. In order to branch out, Firebrand had to increase their baking styles and so they also started baking in convection ovens too. This versatility enables them to bake just about anything, and bake it so very well.

Just some of the fabulous baked products available at Firebrand

When you visit Firebrand Artisan Bread, you’re truly spoilt for choice when it comes to bread and pastries. It’s hard to resist! The fresh ciabatta is real delight, especially when it’s warm, fresh from the oven. The hand shaped loaves are perfect to take home for sandwiches, or to have with butter as a lovely accompaniment to any meal. There are also some amazing specialities and pastries. The cream cheese cinnamon roll is very special, or how about one of their highly popular salted and seeded pretzels? For a sweet treat, you could opt for a double ginger cookie, a moist banana walnut muffin or a cheesy Gruyère pretzel bomb.