About Firebrand

In 2008, baker Matt Kreutz moved to the beautiful city of Oakland, CA to open Firebrand Artisan Breads. Since the age of 14, Matt has always had a job working with dough, starting at a local bagel shop just outside Washington, D.C. Matt developed a strong work ethic, a love for making food, and learned the lesson that the fastest way was not always the best way. When at the age of 16 Matt got his first opportunity to work with a wood fired oven, he was hooked. Stoking the fire every day, shaping loaf after loaf, and using peels to load the oven was so exciting. After a stint at the Culinary Institute of America in upstate New York, Matt made his way out to California to work for Della Fattoria, one of the best bakeries in the country. There, he was immersed in sourdough breads, and developed his skills using ancient techniques and working with doughs with very high hydration. Also, Matt learned the importance that bread can bring to a dinner table, treating the task of being a craftsman with the seriousness and great respect it deserves. After a few more years on wood fired ovens around the bay area Matt landed in Point Reyes Station baking on the hand built wood fired oven at Brickmaiden Breads.

The inspiration for Firebrand Artisan Breads stems from a desire create a unique and varied selection of breads that reflect both his training and personal vision of what the ancient art of bread making means.